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Jakub Mauricz - one of the most recognized nutritionists in Poland. Coach, nutritionist, trainer, educator. He specializes in sports dietetics and supplementation in strength and power/speed sports. Nutrition expert. He has been responsible for the nutritional and supplementation care of many professional athletes. He is the author of the book „Możesz jeść wszystko!” [You Can Eat Anything!] and many food and supplement recipes.

Iwona Wierzbicka – Clinical dietitian and herbalist, phytotherapist with years of experience. She has been a trainer for many years and has authored many lectures and a comprehensive Clinical Dietetics Course. She has promoted clinical dietetics in Poland, created her own diet planner and is active in social media, where she shares her knowledge. She is also the author of the book ,,Jak wzmocnić odporność.  "How to strengthen immunity”. [ "How to strengthen immunity. Diet, lifestyle, mind, supplements].

Adam Rębiś - a nutrition counselor who works extensively in the sports and fitness industry on a daily basis. His domain is preparing athletes of figure sports, combat sports and endurance sports in terms of optimal nutrition. He also deals with the selection of supplementation and support along with the necessary prevention.

Radosław Słodkiewicz - a legend of the Polish bodybuilding scene, multiple Polish and European champion and World Championship medalist. His biggest success is finishing third at the 2008 World Championships in Bahrain. He also published a book - “Kulturystyka bez wymówek” [Bodybuilding Without Excuses], in which he shares his gigantic experience.

Paweł Głuchowski - many times titled champion of Poland and Europe in bodybuilding, respected trainer and nutritionist, and a specialist in physiology, anatomy, biomechanics of movement, biochemistry and clinical dietetics. Founder of the Hypertophy Academy, lecturer, trainer, and above all practitioner in the field of training methodology and clinical and sports dietetics.

Michał Karmowski – Polish bodybuilder, former champion of Poland, Polish Cup winner, multiple medalist of the Polish Bodybuilding Championships in the over 100 kg category and member of the National Bodybuilding Team. In addition to an in-depth analysis of the client's physiology and preferences, and the establishment of an optimal training plan, he specializes in the composition of a rational diet and the selection of appropriate supplements.



Małgorzata Ostrowska - Master of Science in Dietetics at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Pomeranian Medical University. Superior dietitian and coordinator of all BeWell counseling. Her main area of expertise is diet therapy with a special emphasis on treating difficult clinical cases. She shares her workshop on the pages of many magazines, as well as during industry conferences and TV programs on nutrition and health promotion.

Maciej Bielski - founder of the first Crossfit Box in Tri-City, author of the blog UGot2BeStrong, trainer of motor preparation. He has authored articles in many trade journals and is an amateur iron lifter in many different forms as well as gymnastics and calisthenics.  Professionally, he works as a physical preparation coach. As a sports enthusiast in every form, he tries to infect everyone he meets on his way with his passion.

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