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Are all products displayed on the website available?


What should I do if I forgot my password?
Is it necessary to have a login and password to be able to make purchases?
How to register in the online shop?
Can I change or complete the address data that I provided in the registration process?


Can I withdraw my order?
What is the deadline for the order?
Can I change something in the order?
Can I check the status of the order?

Can I order a product with the option of sending abroad?
Can I personally collect the goods ordered from the online store in the office of your company?
What hours are the ordered products delivered?


What are the payment methods for the purchased goods?
What should I do if I chose an online payment and did not make a deposit?

What is the deadline for refunding for the returned goods?
How are the money returned for the returned items?
Is it possible to exchange an article without a cash settlement?
Can I return the purchased product?


How to proceed if the ordered goods are delivered damaged?
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